the Support Oshkosh Students team

We are parents, friends, educators, business owners, and community members who want to ensure the long term health of Oshkosh schools in the face of years of reduced funding and increasing costs.

We believe that strong schools make Oshkosh a vibrant, viable community!

This year, Oshkosh schools are facing $4M in cuts.  Our plan, without which the schools will descend into a spiral of decreased enrollment resulting in further funding losses, is to ask Oshkosh taxpayers to Vote Yes on an operational referendum providing a total of $4M in additional funding for each of the next seven years.

Of this amount, $600,000 will be dedicated to improving badly needed security cameras and systems in our schools.

For more information about the funding plan, please see the district's referendum information site at:


Please contact us if you have any questions!