How should the school district manage COVID-19 risk for students and staff?


Jim Evans

I think that we have been doing as well as we could seeing that there was no guidance fro federal or state officials. We consulted the experts and come up with what we felt was a good response to how to operate schools during an pandemic. Others schools looked at that same data and came up with different solutions who's to say what the best way was.


Kristopher Karns

Firstly we need to make sure our staff is able to communicate their ideas and concerns to the board. They are an important piece to any decision that is being made, especially one that they have such an intimate knowledge as they are the ones in the classrooms each day. When it comes to larger scale decisions like opening schools and other forms of learning, I would defer that to the health department. We should also be aware of CDC and health department guidelines to make sure we are keeping our schools as safe as possible.


Elizabeth Wyman I’m glad we are back in school and there are active mitigation factors in place. If there is one take away from the pandemic, it is communication to all stake holders is vital in ensuring that everyone understands the reasoning behind a decision.


Robert Rigoni

All Personal Protective Equipment should be fully implemented and utilized. The school should invest in technology that measures temperatures of students before they enter the school. Rapid testing for COVID-19 should be more widely available in the school. Teachers and auxiliary staff should be strongly encouraged to receive their vaccination.


Christopher Wright First of all we need to get our teachers and staff members vaccinated as quickly as possible. We should be using the local healthcare providers who have offered assistance to support our districts COVID 19 strategies, make our students, staff and teachers feel supported and safer and to assist and to assist them with any concerns that they have. Our goal should be to innovate and collaborate with other school districts so that we can take every precaution necessary to maintain in person schooling.