What skills or experiences qualify you to serve as a member of the OASD School Board?


Jim Evans

For the past seven years I have been a board member of the Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) I’m very involved in the arts including creating and running the monthly Gallery Walks for numerous years. Charter member of Art Space Collective Inc.


Kristopher Karns

I am a business office manager and in that role I am listening to many different people’s opinions about how we can treat patients in the best possible way with the most efficient process. I have also coached many sports teams over the years. I take a lot from sports and my work experiences and typically like to bring input in from many different places. I want to make sure we have the smartest, most knowledgeable people in the room when trying to understand why things happen a certain way and to hear feedback as to what the next steps should be. I also want to make sure the people most impacted by the decision being made have their voices heard.


Elizabeth Wyman

Human Resources and Operations manager for large department stores: Boston Store and Weinstocks, adjunct business teacher at FVTC for 11 years, oversee management teams at The Waters and Ufit Personal Training.

Non-profit board service:
Board member and president of the following organizations: Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, UWO Foundation, Paine Art Center, Inland Lake Yachting Association, Oshkosh4Education, Oshkosh Public Museum, Oshkosh Yacht Club, Oshkosh Yacht Club Youth Sailing Program, Washington School PTO

Search Committee:
OASD Superintendent, UWO Chancellor, OACF CEO, UWO Foundation CEO, OASD Marketing Director, OASD Education Foundation Director

Fundraising Co-Chair:
Paine Capital Campaign ($2 million), Bill Van Lieshout Oshkosh North Tennis Courts ($500,000)
Fundraising Chair and Coordinator:
OASD Project Curb 2017 ($250,000)

I have led many effective and efficient meetings always focusing on the Robert’s Rules format, civility, strategic plan, and mission statement.


Robert Rigoni

I have a diverse background as a small business owner and over 25 years of experience practicing the profession of Pharmacy. Over those 25 years I have held several leadership positions, including assisting in the education of pharmacy students. I was a pharmacy manager, director and district supervisor. While practicing as a Pharmacist I obtained my Masters in Business. I will apply my knowledge of science, pharmacy, healthcare, and business to the board position.


Christopher Wright Some examples are the Advocap Board of Directors, Winnebago County IT committee, Reeve Union Board President, UW-Oshkosh Student Board Chairman and as an elected Town Of Algoma Board supervisor. The most important things that I’ve learned from my past roles is that you have to set solid policy based on a shared vision. The vision is created through collaboration, listening and community buy in. My best leadership quality is that I like to collaborate with others to come up with solid solutions to improve the quality of an organization.