How would you improve any/all of those?


Jim Evans

The current thinking that hear is the program we are using has fallen out of favor at the CESA 6 and state levels. A major curriculum change is expensive but I think that we are headed in that direction.


Kristopher Karns

(no answer given) 


Elizabeth Wyman I would like to see a community coalition. Much like the Oshkosh4Education Community Agreement, which was signed in 2013, it is time to answer, “Who are we and where do we want to go?”. Yes, we have the strategic plan in place, but in recent years it is not as active as it once was. We need everyone in the community to be on board with our district’s plan for the future. Our community needs to see academic success from our students and only then will the communtiy and businesses invest time and dollars to improve our school district. Investors want to invest in a winner and we need to prove as a district that we can be just that. All stakeholders want to feel welcome, respected and part of something bigger.


Robert Rigoni

I would seek out the experts in the respective fields. I am a trained pharmacist and not an expert on literacy coaching or mathematics coaching. I will lean on my close friends and family members who are experts in those fields. I will make an effort to familiarize myself with the topics. One thing I do know is, if we want to increase our literacy rates we need to change the apathy towards reading in our community and society. Studies have shown that children who grow up in homes where there are books are far more likely to excel in reading and become lifelong readers. We need to encourage our adults in society to read more as well. Studies have shown that children and adults who take up the practice of reading actually have positive changes to their brains, both physically and cognitively.


Christopher Wright Through community collaboration, good communication and by getting the community to buy into the boards strategic vision. We will utilize experts to get the best curriculum options in place for our students and we will ensure that we have buy in from the community.