What motivated you to seek election to the school board?


Jim Evans

My experience, my commitment and my passion. My six years serving on this board and its committees gives me the knowledge to handle not only the day to day issues that a board member faces but I also have dealt with the “unexpected” those issues that arise without notice but require an immediate response. I’m commitment to this board, since I was sworn in for my first term in April of 2015 I have not missed one board meeting and my passion I have the highest respect for this district and our teachers and staff. One of the traditions of graduations is for the alumni of the high school to stand up. I am always proud that I can do this at ONHS.


Kristopher Karns

I have lived in Oshkosh my entire life and I want to be involved in helping my community. Education is the most important measure of a community’s health. It is the best way to ensure we have smart, educated, thought-provoking, intelligent, compassionate people with the ability to think critically and understand how we are only as strong as our weakest school. As a community, we must come together and work for the equity of all students, regardless of background, race, ethnicity, religion, or gender. I want to do what I can to make sure we are educating our students to help our community.


Elizabeth Wyman I was getting a bit critical about some of the things going on in the district. I decided I could either keep complaining or be part of the solution.


Robert Rigoni

The Oshkosh area is an amazing community, and a successful community needs to have exceptional schools. The best schools have input from the community and educators. I felt like the board and the administration wasn’t listening to the needs and desires of the community. There was a major communication problem, messaging was inconsistent, confusing, and contradictory. With this they are losing the trust of the community. I want to help rebuild the trust of the community and engage our teachers, making OASD a place where families and teachers work with the board and administration.


Christopher Wright I have been married to my wife Jamie for 12 years & have lived in the Oshkosh Area School District for the past 15 years. We have 3 children: Cora-11, Ella-10 and Wyatt-7. Cora is in 6th grade at Carl Traeger Middle School and Ella & Wyatt attend school at Grace Lutheran in Oshkosh. All of our children attended Oakwood Elementary School until OASD went virtual this year. I graduated from UW Oshkosh as a part of the national honor society and currently I work in the healthcare field. I was elected to the Town of Algoma Town board for 2 consecutive terms and was instrumental in getting the Town's first park built. The Town maintained one of the lowest tax rates in the Fox Valley while I was on the Board. In my free time I enjoy coaching youth sports in Oshkosh. I am running for school board because I want to see the school district maximize its potential. I believe that our district is capable of great things if we collaborate together, set good policy and allocate resources properly. Teachers are the heartbeat of our district and we need to make sure that they are being heard and they are getting the resources that they need in these rapidly changing times.