What is your position on the recently passed referendum?


Jim Evans

Since I voted to bring the questions to the voters I strongly support both referenda. What is your position on the long-range district plan? I think our 5 year strategic plan 3.0 is a natural continuation of the first two plans. Our ten year facilities plan laid it out in black and white the amount of work we have to do. And made it painfully clear that we have to many buildings to maintain. We could bond for a major renovation every five years and it would take 100 years to touch everyone of our buildings at our current inventory.


Kristopher Karns

The passing of the first phase of the referendum is a great way to move our school district forward. Now we need to give priorities to our teachers, who have done an outstanding job during the current pandemic. Included in that is support, training, retention and recruitment of our full-time, part-time and substitute teachers. We also need to work on making sure we are doing regular maintenance on our buildings and keeping a long term plan so we don’t get to the current state of our buildings.


Elizabeth Wyman I was for the referendum and am excited about the possibilities that exist for the district. I’m glad that we have a long-range district facility plan but believe it needs to be communicated more often to the community. The closing of Smith School is the perfect example of the district knowing the outcome if the roof failed, but the community not being aware. It created a great deal of conflict. Only when we have community conversations do we have trust in the district decisions.


Robert Rigoni

I voted for the referendum. I support its objectives. We have some old facilities that need to be replaced and we need to find synergies through the consolidation efforts. Economies of scale, efficiencies, lower building maintenance costs etc. will free up resources to use towards programs. Long term I would like to see a new High School built as well.


Christopher Wright We will need to maximize the resources that our community has gifted us through the past referendum. We need to envision and plan at least 20 years out so that we aren’t trying to tackle decades of mismanagement in a short period of time. We should complete cost analyses of our building structures and at the same time we should analyze how building locations affect our local economy and the ability for kids to access schools. Based on the data we should determine what buildings should be maintained and what resources should be used to build better and more efficient structures.