What are your areas of concern regarding OASD student achievement?


Jim Evans

Language arts reading is a great concern of this board. We are going to be taking a closer look at what is happening and how to correct this area.


Kristopher Karns

I believe this is an area for me to learn what we can do as a board to better support our students. I have spent some time on WISE dash and learned about issues with equity and equality and there are definitely areas we can improve when it comes to diversity and accountability. Having been in Oshkosh for almost 40 years there is a difference from North side to West side. We do need to make sure all schools have access to the same resources. A student at Merrill should have the same support and opportunities as a student at Traeger. We are only as strong as our weakest school (and student) and making sure we understand issues on the North side do affect the West side, and vice versa. There are definitely areas we can improve.


Elizabeth Wyman Failure rates and learning deficiencies need to be addressed. Upon returning to school each student should be reevaluated to determine a level of understanding and knowledge. Virtual learning has made it difficult for some students to learn in a manner which is best suited for them. Ineffective assessing tools may also play a role in reported failure rates. Overall reading satisfaction is too low. I understand that the district is determining if the current program should continue.


Robert Rigoni

The fact that only 40 percent of our students are proficient in reading and mathematics. We need to find a way to close the learning gaps.


Christopher Wright I think that we need to look at different literacy programs that are working in communities of similar demographics to our community. Putting the correct curriculum in place will are vital to closing our achievement gaps. Right now only 40 percent of all OASD children are performing at a proficient level in literacy and that isn’t acceptable.