What are the characteristics of a district superintendent that you will look for if elected to the board?


Jim Evans

I think that we will be looking for candidates who can recognize the things that make us unique and has the experience to work with this and refocus our efforts in better ways for the district. I also feel that this person will have to work with different groups many of which have different viewpoints and wished fir outcomes. Someone that can carry on Dr. Cartwright’s work with diversity and inheriting two successful referenda. Contrary to what I’v read elsewhere I think we need to do a national search and if the best candidate happens to be local great but we need to look across this country for the perfect fit.


Kristopher Karns

I think the most important characteristic is the ability to listen. We need to make sure we are hiring someone that is not afraid to have those sit down meetings and is willing to listen to everyone that will be affected by a decision so they are able to make the best, most informed decision possible. Leadership is about being able to lead. It doesn't mean you have to be the smartest person in the room. It is also important for the person to have a strong sense of humility and know that mistakes will happen, but it is how we handle those situations that will show the integrity of the person and the position.


Elizabeth Wyman

(no answer given) 


Robert Rigoni

The current Board of Education has begun the process of procuring a search firm to aid them in their selection for a new Superintendent. Not only is it expensive, but there is an inherent risk of hiring some of these "professional" superintendents who once they land a position in a district, they are always looking for another superintendency and more often than not many of these search firms "Head Hunters" if you will, put these "professional" superintendents' name into almost every job opening in the country. These firms have financial incentives to do so. During the pharmacist shortage, a few years back, I was involved in hiring pharmacists and we used search firms "head hunters'. The results were mixed at best. We did get some 'professional" pharmacists who were always looking to jump ship in order to collect sign on bonuses etc. We in Oshkosh need a proven superintendent who has had several years of experience in a mid-size district right here in Wisconsin, who is now ready for a bigger and more challenging opportunity. We need a superintendent who understand our ideals and our culture. We need a visionary who is committed to the community, our students, and our teachers. Also, we need a superintendent who has great communication skills, is empathetic, collaborative, and is willing to take a cross-disciplinary approach to big problems. We have some of the best Universities and Education think-tanks in the country. The search should start right here in Wisconsin!


Christopher Wright Someone who has a proven track record of leading a successful school district. An individual who looks for opportunities to connect the community to our schools and who looks for collaborative solutions to problems. An understanding of how of different types of curriculum can be used to bridge achievement gaps. A person who has the leadership skills to heal fractured relationships within the district. These are some of the characteristics that I will be looking for.