What is your vision for education in the Oshkosh Area School District?


Jim Evans

My vision of the future of the OASD is bright. We will be building two new schools, new schools transform neighborhoods, brings in new families and renewed pride. We may soon start on a public funded sports complex that will put our district on more equal footing with other area schools.


Kristopher Karns

As I said previously, Education is the most important measure of a community’s health. It is the best way to ensure we have smart, educated, thought-provoking, intelligent, compassionate people with the ability to think critically and understand how we are only as strong as our weakest school. As a community, we must come together and work for the equity of all students, regardless of background, race, ethnicity, religion, or gender. I want to be part of a process to make sure our teachers are paid (and incentivized) at a level that meets their excellence and training. Teachers are the most important item to successful students and we need to make sure they are appreciated by being a part of a strong community, strong school, with supportive leaders and willing and helpful parents/students. We also need to make a point of coming up with continuing education initiatives and professional development opportunities that prepare our teachers to be more prepared in the classroom. I also want us to become a destination school district for open enrollment. That would help bring in more money that can help us pay and incentivize our teachers more. We also need to make sure our teachers are not having to spend any money out of their own pockets to buy necessary supplies for their classroom. It is my belief that all teachers are underpaid, considering the importance of the job they do. They are literally teaching our kids to be productive, educated members of society. I can’t think of a job that is more important than that.


Elizabeth Wyman Failure rates and learning deficiencies need to be addressed. Upon returning to school each student should be reevaluated to determine a level of understanding and knowledge. Virtual learning has made it difficult for some students to learn in a manner which is best suited for them. Ineffective assessing tools may also play a role in reported failure rates. Overall reading satisfaction is too low. I understand that the district is determining if the current program should continue.


Robert Rigoni

I see OASD becoming a destination district. Not only will we get back the families that left, but we will also attract new families to Oshkosh because of the reputation of the district. In a fast changing and Tech heavy world we need to develop life-long learners who will obtain the skills necessary to adapt to an ever changing world. We need to find ways to promote and stimulate curiosity, develop character and encourage perseverance. We need to provide a safe, welcoming, happy, and supportive learning environment while also striving to eliminate barriers.


Christopher Wright My primary responsibilities as a school board member will be to set good policy, to collaborate with all stakeholders within OASD and to make sure that our resources are being allocated properly. The most important things that I’ve learned from past leadership roles is that you have to set solid policy based on a shared vision. The vision is created through collaboration, listening and community buy in.